Oak Tree Dentistry


Dr. Gill values education and advancement in dentistry. His commitment to staying on the leading edge of his field means that he has invested in some of the latest technology to improve the dentistry we provide in our Elk Grove dental office, making appointments more efficient and comfortable for our patients.

Here are some of the ways that modern dentistry makes your smile the best it can be here at Oak Tree Dentistry.

Digital X-Rays and Sensors

Digital x-rays and sensors have improved the quality of the radiographs we use to diagnose dental conditions. Additionally, digital technology reduces radiation exposure by up to 80 percent or more, making them safe for our patients.

  • Instantly available on the treatment room monitors
  • High-resolution images
  • No chemicals necessary for development
  • Easy to adjust exposure and contrast for greater accuracy
  • Safe storage in digital records
  • Easy to compare side by side over time

Digital Records

Every modern person knows that having bits of paper about with your personal information is not secure. To keep your private information private, we store it securely in our digital record system under encryption.

In addition to improved protection from identity theft, digital records make it easy to compare your x-rays, periodontal charts, and intraoral images from one appointment to the next. This makes it possible for Dr. Gill to detect subtle changes in your oral health and provide treatment early when procedures are less complex and conditions are easier to treat.

Electric Handpieces

People who avoid dental treatment often complain about the sounds and vibrations that accompany treatment. Electric handpieces shorten treatment times, and reduce vibrations and noise, and improve accuracy, improving the dental experience for our patients.

Intraoral Camera

Patient education is an essential aspect of the dental care we provide at Oak Tree Dentistry. When patients completely understand their conditions and treatment options, they have the information necessary to make better choices, which can have a long-term impact on their smiles.

Seeing inside your own mouth is difficult, but intraoral cameras make it possible for you to see exactly what Dr. Gill sees during an exam.

An intraoral camera is a small digital camera that captures high-resolution photos of single teeth or focused areas of the mouth. Dr. Gill can display the images on your treatment room monitor for you to review. He will explain any conditions he finds and answer any questions you might have.

Intraoral camera photos also provide additional information to insurance companies when they are deciding whether to approve benefits on a claim.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Anxiety about the dental office is common and keeps millions of Americans from getting the basic dental care they need to maintain healthy smiles. Our caring and compassionate team is excellent at putting our patients at ease, and Dr. Gill's gentle approach to care is appreciated by patients of all ages.

When you need a little help relaxing, we offer nitrous oxide sedation – the safest and mildest form of sedation dentistry. It is inhaled through a small nose mask and will help you relax during treatment. Since the effects wear off quickly, you will not need to arrange a ride home from your appointment. You can easily head back to work or school and resume your day following your appointment.

Rotary Endodontics

The latest technology in root canal treatment uses small rotary cleaners to remove infected nerve fibers and pulp from the canals inside of the teeth. Rotary endodontics reduces treatment times and prevents many of the complications that occur when using manual files.

Televisions in Rooms

We want you to feel completely at home while you are with us.

Televisions featuring Netflix and Bluetooth headphones help our patients pass the time comfortably while we take care of their smiles. Televisions can provide a welcome distraction that helps take your mind off of an experience that can make some people feel nervous.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays are useful in planning dental implant treatment, evaluating wisdom teeth, and inspecting jaw function. Rather than showing only single teeth, panoramic x-rays provide a big picture view of teeth, bone, sinuses, joints, and other facial structures.

Smile Design

Full mouth and cosmetic dentistry require precise planning to ensure success. Smile designing is part of the planning process used to predict how your new dentistry will look and function once it is applied to your teeth. This helps Dr. Gill to determine the proper size, shape, and location for dentistry when planning for smile makeovers, dentures, full mouth rehabilitation, and other complex cases that involve the bite.

In many cases, we offer an opportunity to try on a temporary smile to make sure that your vision for your dream smile becomes a reality.