Crowns and Bridges

Broken and damaged teeth impact both appearance and comfort. But a damaged tooth does not necessarily mean you have to compromise your smile. When possible, we use high-quality restorations such as crowns and bridges to complete your smile and make it possible to eat and speak normally.

Long-Lasting Dental Crowns

Deep decay or a fractured tooth may or may not cause pain, but they do put your tooth at risk. Once the enamel covering the tooth becomes damaged, it opens the tooth to continued breakdown and bacteria, which could cause an infection.

While dental fillings seal teeth, dental crowns, also called caps, completely cover teeth and provide more significant support.

Dental crowns come in different materials to meet the needs of our patients.

Porcelain crowns – Porcelain or ceramic crowns are the most esthetic choice because they lack metal components. Dr. Gill will match your crown to the color of the adjacent teeth, so it blends in.

Porcelain-metal blend – A metal foundation covered in esthetic porcelain adds durability for patients with a strong bite or teeth-grinding habit.

Full gold crowns – Dr. Gill will sometimes recommend a gold crown for patients with malocclusion, also known as a bad bite, especially on posterior teeth that need added protection while chewing.

A consultation and exam will help you and Dr. Gill determine the type of crown that will best suit you.

Dental Crown Treatment

We believe that all dentistry can be a comfortable experience for our patients. Dr. Gill will make sure your tooth feels completely numb before getting started and also offers nitrous oxide for patients who have some anxiety over treatment.

We will start with a dental x-ray to determine the extent of the damage to the tooth. Dr. Gill will then remove the damaged tooth structure and then shape the tooth for your dental crown.

Our impression will give the necessary information to our local dental lab to create a crown that fits well with nearby teeth. Dr. Gill has chosen to use high-tech digital impressions for improved accuracy and comfort.

If you have opted for a tooth-colored crown, Dr. Gill will also provide information to match the color and shade of your other teeth.

He will then place a temporary crown on your tooth to keep it comfortable and healthy until we receive your final crown in a week or two.

Once the permanent crown arrives, Dr. Gill will make any final adjustments to the crown and permanently bond it to your tooth.

Dental Bridges in Lodi and Elk Grove

A space left by a missing tooth leaves room for your remaining teeth to shift and tilt. This can cause problems with your bite and expose sensitive roots.

Using two dental crowns on healthy, adjacent teeth, a dental bridge places an artificial tooth to fill the gap in your smile and keep your remaining teeth in place. Dental bridges will match your natural teeth and blend in with your smile. Because we use the latest 3-D imaging technology, your bridge will feel like a natural part of your mouth and fit perfectly.

Do You Have a Broken or Missing Tooth?

Don’t put a comfortable smile off when our Oak Tree Dentistry team is here to help. Dr. Pritpal Gill provides personalized treatment that will make your smile look and feel comfortable again.

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