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Pritpal Gill, DDS

Will dental implants work for me?

Probably. Dental implants are the gold standard and will work for most healthy patients. At Oak Tree Dentistry, we perform a complete dental exam to determine if your oral health will support dental implant treatment. 

Oral evaluations include:

  • An oral cancer screening
  • A tooth-by-tooth exam
  • A periodontal (gum) evaluation
  • Measurement of bone levels and sinus locations
  • A bite evaluation

We will also do a complete medical history review because certain medications, like bisphosphonates for osteoporosis, can interfere with how your jawbone heals after implant placement. If you choose dental implants to replace missing teeth, we want to ensure your success.

  • We take 3-D images of the teeth and bone levels
  • We take x-rays and digital images
  • We discuss all of your options with you

Why Choose Oak Tree Dentistry in Lodi or Elk Grove for Dental Implants

If you decide to proceed, Dr. Gill uses 3-D guided images to surgically place the dental implant in the ideal location. We then allow the dental implant to heal and integrate with your natural bone before placing a dental implant restoration, such as a crown or denture atop the dental implant.

Dr. Gill will guide you every step of the way, from planning to treatment and aftercare. We can’t wait to help you restore your smile!

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