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Is an extraction a good alternative to root canal treatment?

When other alternatives exist, Dr. Pritpal Gill will encourage you to avoid extracting a tooth. Root canals save your natural teeth, which is usually the best way to protect your oral health.

Extracting a tooth may lead to a number of related oral conditions.

Shifting teeth – When you have a gap in your smile, your teeth can shift and cause a bad bite.

Bone loss – When the tooth no longer stimulates blood flow to the underlying bone, it can begin to resorb, or diminish.

Increased expense – Replacing a missing tooth is almost always more costly and complex than saving the teeth you already have!

If you are fearful of root canal therapy because you are concerned about pain, we are here to alleviate those fears. Dr. Gill uses the latest rotary instruments to provide more successful and efficient root canals without pain. A root canal in our Elk Grove dental office will feel no different than a filling.

We will follow up your root canal treatment with a restoration to protect the tooth – either a filling or crown depending on the location of the tooth. Root canals can prolong the life of your tooth for years – even decades.

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