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What is the recovery time for dental implants?

You may experience some swelling and mild soreness for a few days, but it shouldn't affect your daily activities. Because the bone where Dr. Gill places the dental implant does not have the same nerve structure as teeth and gums, most patients report that dental implant surgery was much easier than they anticipated.

Once the dental implant is in place, Dr. Gill will cover it with a healing cap during the time it takes for your implant to integrate (fuse) with the bone. He will monitor your healing closely to make sure your treatment is on track.

Implants usually take about 12 to 14 weeks to integrate with your jawbone. After your implants have healed, you are ready for the final phase of dental implant treatment, and your crown can be placed. 

Unlike dental crowns on natural teeth, we will not need to prep the dental implant. Instead, we will place it on a tiny attachment, called an abutment, which secures it to the dental implant post.

You can care for single dental implants in much the same way that you care for your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, dental exams, and professional dental cleanings will improve the longevity of your dental implant and your natural teeth.

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